What is HR & Why is it Important?
So many companies struggle on without the aid of an HR Manager or any form of HR support at all despite the constant increase in employment law. However, HR can provide invaluable support with so many areas of people management. This is where we come in…

Making HR Simple

A virtual HR in your office to carry out all HR needs. Service also includes unlimited telephone advice and letter writing, contracts and bespoke policy library. Hands on HR is available with insurance.

Our Services

We currently offer a wide range of services including a dedicated helpline of professional and experienced staff members ready to answer all of your questions. We also offer 24 hour email support.

What We Offer

  • Dedicated HR advisory team
  • Targeted to have emails answered the same hour and calls within next few business hours
  • 24 hour email service
  • Speak to and receive advice from either dedicated advisors or duty advisor on the same day as call
  • Trusted, confidential and highly commercial advice
  • Confirmation of advice on email with plan, strategy and time period/new steps
  • Call logging and management for call reporting
  • Bespoke industry documents written and drafted individually for members
  • Bespoke Contract of Employment, job specifications and Terms of Conditions for each member, their culture and their needs
  • Document management and reporting
  • H R Audit*
  • H R Investigations (IELI)*

*Services will be quoted separately

Download our Academy Overview Guide to see how we can help you manage your learning.

Academy Overview

Be Confident

We provide you with the tools and the knowledge you need to be comfortable and confident around all aspects of HR

Be Consistent

We provide you with the materials, resources and services you need in order to deliver HR effectively throughout your organisation.

Be Compliant

We provide you with access to the right advice and guidance to ensure that your organisation complies with the various regulations in regards to employment.